A joint venture by multiple organizations to form a global alliance to compete against Antibiotic resistance

Multiple organizations will be working together to reinforce an all-inclusive global community in order to fight against the threat of antibiotic resistance worldwide. These organizations include the University Medical Center, U.S.-based Antibacterial Resistance Leadership Group (ARLG) and several others.

This unification is expected to result in joint designing and implementation of clinical research, holding plenty of work meetings & conferences and for diverse working groups, protocol exchanges, innovations, etc.

The Co-principal researcher of the ARGL, Vance Fowler stated: “We at the ARLG have long admired the work being done by COMBACTE to increase the efficacy of antimicrobial drug development. Combining our efforts will allow us to maximize the work we both do to stop the advancement of antibacterial resistance.”

Professor Marc Bonten, MD at COMBACTE said: “We have already made efforts to expand our reach across Europe, where an increasing number of people suffer from infections caused by antibiotic-resistant bacteria. But by collaborating and sharing our progress with the ARLG, we can make a truly global impact beyond this population — an important consideration in a globally connected era in which epidemics travel across oceans quickly.”

ARLG will get the opportunity to coordinate and lead the U.S. based studies as part of the contract, for all the clinical research which COMBACTE had begun, on the other hand, COMBACTE will get the chance to lead & coordinate the projects which were initiated by ARLG in Europe.

Professor Herman Goossens, MD at the University of Antwerp stated: “This is an exciting year for PREPARE to expand its work in reducing a serious public health threat. First, we joined forces with COMBACTE by forming ECRAID, and now, we welcome a partnership with the ARLG, which will help all three organizations leverage a wider set of resources and a deeper pool of expertise.”