A landmark in regenerative medicine treating men’s disease

The therapeutic efficacy in a potential randomized clinical trial MukoCell, tissue-engineered mucosa, will demonstrate in the future the therapeutic efficacy of the plastical urethra Tissue engineering blends cell biology with material science to produce tissue and organs that could be used to repair, replace or reconstruct human bodies. These therapies have grown exponentially over the last 10 years with great optimism and arousal about their potential effects or implications.

Cultivated urethral mucosa cells have been used since the end of the twentieth century to treat the congenital urinary tract malformations hypospadias. Tissue grafts showed even better results when used in primary hypospadias repair children than in adults when it came to restoring urethritis strings in a study conducted in 2019.

There have recently been studies of the promising breakthrough in the treatment of male urethral stringency with MukoCell, a tissue-engineered oral mucosal transplantation, in 65 patients with urethral strictures. Recurrence occurred in only 12 patients with a median follow-up of 12.1 months.That’s equal to 81.5% of production.

Patients have a chronic disease with severely decreased lifestyle,low urinary circulation, pain, chronic urinary infections, urinary stones, urinary reflux and urinary system damage and failure. Untreated urinary retention will occur if life-threatening.

The urethral reconstruction norm is defined by oral mucosa graft with a success rate of approximately 80 percent recorded in literature. But only a minority of surgical urologists performs this procedure because of the complication rate at the site of mucosal collection.

This requires the removal from patients ‘mouths of large segments of the mucosa. Such serious damage to healthy tissue is often associated with several complications that have a significant effect on the quality of life of the patient—intraoral pain, vomiting, swelling, sensory deprivation and oral addiction which often remain permanent.