A way found out for pulling out unwanted cells from blood using magnets

A way found out for pulling out unwanted cells from blood using magnets

It has been discovered by a British Engineer a way for filtering out the unwanted cells from the human blood by using magnets. This tool of the engineer could be applied in the clinical trials in the coming years.

All credits to the existing research, George Frodsham, a biochemical scientist knew the possibility of forcing magnetic nanoparticles for binding to certain cells in the body. However, while the focus of the other researchers was to make those cells be visible in the images, he wondered if there was a possibility of using the same technique for allowing doctors to removing the non-required cells from the blood.

He passed a statement which said that when someone has cancer, his tumor is cut out. Blood cancer is a tumor in the blood, then why should not be it taken out in a similar way?

For that reason, he created ‘MediSieve’ which is a treatment technology that functions in a similar manner as dialysis, by removing the blood of the patient and infusing it with magnetic nanoparticles created specifically for binding to a specific disease. The magnets are then used for drawing out and trapping those cells before the filtered blood is pumped back into the patient.

The idea behind this is that the doctor could run the blood of the patient through the patient multiple times till the levels of the person’s disease are low enough to be put to an end by drugs or even the own immune system of the patient.

The team of Frodsham is presently waiting for approval from the UK’s Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency to trial the system on those patients who are infected with the malaria parasite, which thanks to the consumption of its own iron-based waste product, is naturally magnetic.