Against vetoing UN assistance to Syria, Pompey rebukes China and Russia

Against vetoing UN assistance to Syria, Pompey rebukes China and Russia

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo strongly criticized Russia and China’s veto of a resolution of the Security Council which would allow humanitarian aid to reach Syrian rebels and called the move “shameless,” Pompeo said Saturday in a statement that Russia and China, who chose to make a political statement by blocking this resolution, have blood on their hands.

The resolution would have helped at least four million assistance to arrive in Syria, Pompeo said.

Instead of protecting and helping its youngest partner at Damascus, the two countries thus decided to balance the lives of millions of innocent civilians and endanger civilians further by supporting the Assad regime and the Russian army, he said.

The draft resolution-vetoed on Friday by Russia and China-would have allowed assistance from Turkey and Iraq across the border. The plan for 12 more months for assistance to be sent from two points in Turkey and the one in Iraq, suggested by Austria, Belgium, Germany, and Kuwait.

Alternatively, Russia sponsored deliveries for six months from two Turkish points and proposed its resolution. Seven votes in favor, six votes against, including the US, and four abstentions did not support the resolution.

Russia’s Vassily Nebenzia, the representative of the United Nations, claimed that much help was cooperated by terrorist groups, saying the Syrian government managed the humanitarian aid provider with enough checkpoints.

To target militants in the opposition area, the Syrian government and its Russian allies have escalated artillery and airstrikes in the province of Idlib. According to the White Helmets, a volunteer rescue group has killed more than 50 people in the latest round of attacks since Monday.

U.S. Ambassador Kelly Craft said to the Security Council after Russia and China had taken vetoes that “the effects will be devastating” for Russia and China. Craft said, after the referendum, on the Friday after the election that Syrian people relied on United Nations transboundary operations on medication, shelter, and food. The decision would be immoral, inhuman, and reckless.

Any member of this security committee can’t possibly justify leaving vulnerable Syrians with little security assistance, Craft said.