Agent PB2452 Can Solve Ticagrelor Side Effects

Ticagrelor is a medicine prescribed for patients with problems in platelets count which have frequent blood clotting. This medicine is as common as aspirin; where it is prescribed commonly due to its strong and easy function. However, there are a lot of different negative effects that tricagrelor causes on our body that we don’t realize.

These side effects include bleeding risks as it changes the liquidity of the blood. The presence of traces of the medicine are present in the patient’s body for a long time even after the stop of use, increasing the rates of the risk. However, this inspired a new study to find ways to control the levels of ticagrelor in the body to help reverse its negative side effects.

A group of researchers led by the , executive director of Interventional Cardiovascular Programs at the Brigham and professor of medicine at Harvard Medical School, Dr. Deepak L. Bhatt, has published a new study in The New England  Journal Of Medicine stating that they have found a way to solve the issue. This includes an agent they discovered named PB2452, which reverses the effects of Ticagrelor.

Dr. Deepak commented on their discovery stating, “Ticagrelor is a very effective agent and recommended as a first-line therapy, but if a patient experiences severe bleeding or needs an urgent or emergent procedure, we face a major challenge. Having a reversal agent that could quickly and effectively work would represent an important advancement for the field.”