Agilex Biolabs announced conductance of analysis of more than 60 thousand pre-clinical, as well as, clinical trials in this year


The pioneering bioanalytical laboratory of Australia for clients all over the world conducting pre-clinical, as well as, clinical trials, Agilex Biolabs, has made an announcement this week at DIA that it will be analyzing over a 60K samples in this year.

Agilex Biolabs which is the only Food and Drug Administration-inspected laboratory in Australia gives an offer for bioanalysis for tiny molecules & biologics for the biomarkers, PK, and immunogenicity making use of the 2 platforms of Immunoassay & LC-MS/MS.

Chief Executive Officer of Agilex Biolabs, Jason Valentine stated that their Food and Drug Administration-inspected facilities have over a 40 dedicated staff for laboratory, and every year they support more than 80 clinical trials. However, they that they will be analyzing more than 60K samples for biotechnology, as well as, pharmaceuticals from Europe, the United States, and APC.

The CEO further told that by the combination of tech innovation, specialized expertise, and an experience of 20 years, we have provided support to hundreds of pre-clinical, as well as, clinical trials across the world.

The main key to the success of the company is ‘compliance’

We have OECD GLP Recognition with the Compliance monitoring authority of Australia, stated the CEO.

The Agilex Biolabs commenced as a team of academic scientists providing pre-clinical, clinical trials, as well as, bioanalytical services to the Australian industry of pharmaceuticals. Now the firm has grown into a successful business with an international client base.

In the 20 years of delivering regulated bioanalysis of minute & large molecules, we have supported numerous clinical and pre-clinical trials globally. Today, the clients of the firm include many of the pioneering biotech and pharma companies in Europe, Asia and the United States of America.