All you must know about Coronavirus


How does the virus spread?

According to Chinese health authorities, the latest coronavirus can be transmitted between men. It also adapts and mutates, which could make it easier and quicker to spread the virus.

The contagious existence of the virus is not yet apparent. While coughing and sneezing can transmit many other coronaviruses, there are no signs that the virus is transmitted through the respiratory system.

In China’s city of Wuhan were the first infections detected, which were traced back to the now shut-off market for wild animals and fish. The virus could have been transmitted by direct human-animal contact or simply by air, such as many germs.

What are the signs?

Fever, shortness of breath and coughing in patients who contracted the virus. The virus can lead también to pneumonia, an inflammation of the air sacs in the lungs and to fluid or pus filling. Elderly people are more likely than younger to be affected by the virus.

How much do we know about the virus?

The gene sequence of coronavirus that is also known as 2019-nCoV was recently decoded by experts. Originally identified in the 1960s were coronaviruses and their name stems from a crown or halo-like shape. Such viruses are not lethal per se. Often gastrointestinal and diarrheal disorders, in particular, are also triggered.

Nevertheless, coronaviruses are highly adaptable and also genetically diverse, which are RNA viruses. This helps them to spread easily between organisms and to infect them. Although some coronaviruses can cause normal cold, some diseased diseases can develop and lead to breathing difficulties, pneumonia, and even death.

What can be done about the outbreak?

Airports around the world–and China in particular–have introduced fever checks for Chinese passengers.

Should the outbreak become an international public health emergency, it may require international travel bans, stricter border controls, and the establishment of specialized treatment centers and quarantine areas.

How has the economy been affected?

Virus fears have caused Asian stock markets to crash. There is still a fresh record of the economic damage caused by the SARS outbreak between2002 and 2003, which concerns people about the effect on tourism and travel industry and consumer spending constraints.