health insurance

Ever thought of moving to Switzerland? Well, you have to cover your health insurance as well if in case you find high sugar in your blood due to high swiss chocolate intakes! So, here’s how you can secure your health while in Switzerland!

Who needs compulsory health insurance in Switzerland?

So, if you move to Switzerland and you are not a cross-border worker or a retiree with monthly pensions or a student living temporarily there, you will probably need to take out your basic health insurance coverage in the time span of three months. No company or the Swiss government is going to pay for your insurance cover. Of course, there are no free campaigns sitting on the roadside offering free insurance cover! You can always choose your own insurance provider but only those who are authorized by the Swiss Government. Basic health insurance would cover a package of illness, maternity, and accidents. The costing of the cover would depend on the exceptions you exclude on the paper and the options you go for. The people aged under 25 would get a lead here with lower deductions and premium cover!

The Fact is pretty obvious and worthless to mention that, the companies providing insurance covers would ask for the evidence and proceedings in a legal way to check for the victim if he deliberately hurtled himself for claiming the hefty amount from the company. The victim would obviously be deprived of the cover if found guilty for deceiving the company!