Anti-flu drug designed by artificial intelligence

Anti-flu drug designed by artificial intelligence

An anti-flu drop has been begun by the human trials which are designed by artificial intelligence. The development of the drug involved feeding an artificial intelligence system 60 to 80 ‘good’ drugs and ‘bad’ drugs & by the use of machine learning. Trillions of theoretical drugs were generated by the Artificial Intelligence system before creating a shortlist that has been tested in a lab.

Professor Nikolai Petrovsky from Flinder University stated that the drug was added to the typical influenza vaccine. It drives the immune system to fight against the virus. He told that the trials of the final version initiated at 8 United States Centers.

Professor Petrovsky is a Research Director at Vaxine Pty Ltd, which is an Australian biotech firm. The university has its focus on the development of ground-breaking vaccine technologies.

Yesterday the university cited the sobering statistics on the flu’s toll this year. Over 220 people have lost their lives from flu-related illnesses in Australia up till now, inclusive of 57 in NSW and 48 in Victoria. There have been 96 thousand definite cases of flu across Australia this year.

Prof. Petrovsky told that the improved flu drug was believed to be the world’s first ever human drug to be entirely designed by artificial intelligence.

He stated that this signifies the beginning of a new era where artificial intelligence is going to play a significantly dominant role in drug discovery & design.

He told that the Artificial Intelligence algorithm was fed ‘good & bad’ drugs and trained to design more appropriate drugs. It viewed trillions of randomly generated theoretical drugs and then predicted which were likely to be suitable.  The top 50 ones were then prepared and tested in laboratory trials using blood samples.

The most perfect choice has been now deployed in the United States human trials.