Appointment of Doctor Johannes Levin as the CMO of MODAG

neurodegenerative diseases

An announcement was made today by MODAG regarding the appointment of Managing Director, Levin as the Chief Medical Officer of the firm. Doctor Levin will be bringing extensive experience of more than ten years with him in the arena of movement disorders, mainly in atypical Parkinsonism like Multiple System Atrophy, in addition to a strong scientific experience in protein aggregation. Lately, he had been leading a clinical MSA study with Professor Doctor Armin Giese, who is the Chief Scientific Officer of MODAG. The findings of the study were published in The Lancet Neurology.

In his new role at MODAG, Doctor Levin will be responsible for making advancement in the firm’s blockbuster candidate, anle138b, into the clinic. He will be reporting to the Chief Executive Officer of MODAG, Doctor Torsten Matthias.

The Chief Executive Officer of MODAG, Doctor Torsten Matthias stated that as a specialist in MSA, as well as, protein aggregation, Doctor Levin will be a treasured addition to the MODAG team. With Doctor Levin as our Chief Medical Officer, the firm is now in an excellent position of moving into clinical evaluation where it will be under the direct supervision of a valued, as well as, experienced movement disorder expert. The team at MODAG believes that the official appointment of Dr. Levin to their firm highlights the MODAG’s scope in the neurodegenerative disease space.

The new Chief Medical Officer of MODAG, Doctor Johannes Levin commented on his appointment that the firm is very exciting with a ground-breaking pipeline inclusive of compounds which offer the potential to be disease-modifying, that are required urgently in neurodegenerative diseases. He added that his past work with MSA has increased his understanding of the unmet need for a disease-changing drug for patients who are suffering from parkinsonian disorders like Parkinson’s disease and MSA.