Appointment of Doctor Maximilian Muenke as the Chief Executive Officer of the ACMG



An announcement was made by the American College of Medical Genetics and Genomics that the Managing Director of FACMG, Maximilian Muenke will be becoming the new Chief Executive Officer of the firm via national search.

Well-known as a highly admired scientist-physician and committed to research and clinical mentor, Doctor Muenke will be bringing with him an experience of over thirty years to the American College of Medical Genetics and Genomics (ACMG) inclusive of ten years on the premises of the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine. Ever since 2000, Doctor Muenke has worked as a Senior Investigator, Head of the Medical Genetics Branch, as well as, the Head of the Human Development Sector. The main focus of his clinical research has been on the identification of the main causes of craniofacial and linked irregularities in the humans inclusive of Muenke syndrome; a quite common craniosynostosis syndrome, as well as, holoprosencephaly.

Doctor Muenke has a passion to train the coming generations of leaders in the sector of genetics and genomic medicine. Since 1994, he has been practicing medical genetics training, earlier at the University of Pennsylvania and then also at the NIH.

Doctor Muenke will be joining ACMG as the Chief Executive Officer on 7th October 2019. He will be working closely with the existing executive director of ACMG, Doctor Michael S. Watson and the Board leadership of ACMG/ACMGF to make sure of a smooth transition at the time of Doctor Watson’s departure from ACMG by the end of 2019.

Doctor Muenke passed a statement which said that he was honored to be joining the ACMG and will be looking forward to working with the President, the staff of ACMG, which is talented, as well as, members of the ACMG Board, and everyone who is involved in the field across the country or the world.