Australian GM cotton

Australian GM cotton

When Australia was destroyed by fires and famine, many people asked for permission to take the necessary steps in relation to the disastrous environment.

Green politicians and their followers also tried by science to legitimize the situation against the protesters ‘ rude demands. Anyone who disagrees is instantly ridiculed and regarded as a climate denier with a caveman’s social position and intellect.

While people in South Australia reject the same scientific principles as biotechnology, they are lobbying for a suspension of GM cotton crops to be re-imposed beforehand.

This political disaster is counter instinctive to the trusted form in which the international scientific agreement on climate change has been overshadowed by scientific evidence on plant biotechnology–which provides evidence of environmental advantages.

It also denies the 25 years of established agricultural, financial, and environmental trends the cultivation of various genetically modified organisms worldwide and across the remaining regions of Australia.

People have taken a lot of food since biotechnology led to the initial production in the United States of food options like cabbage, soybeans, alfalfa, corn, potatoes, and papaya.

How many deaths or infections are caused by GA crops? How many? Tell Cameron J. English of the Genetic Literacy Program, to which he got the answer , none , not even a sniffle.

It does not amaze scientists since almost all food experts and every control body in the world have concluded that biologic plants are as harmless for human and animal consumption as food cultivated in a traditional and natural way.

The rest of the opinions used for the advocacy against GM in Southern Australia were disgraced and negated by autonomous economic research , such as qualifying for the cultivation of non GM canola. Nevertheless , facts and realities about this cause are somehow routinely overlooked.