Bernie Sanders has been making the not-so-true claim about the spending on healthcare for almost a decade

Once again, Bernie Sanders is back in the campaign and interviews, repeating this previous statements that the costs on the healthcare in the United States are twice as much as that of any other world’s country.

At least from 2009 onwards, he has been making the same claim, when it was noted by the PolitiFact that it was false. It was again made by him in 2015 and again noted by PolitiFact that it was still false.

Let’s consider the facts first. The claim of Bernie Sanders is still not true. Even though the highest amount of money is spent by the United States on health care per capita of any Organization for Economic Co-Operation and Development country, however, it is not twice the amount as any other country’s spending.

The claim has legit become a part of the Sanders’ rhetoric throughout his campaign for the Democratic presidential nomination.

In April he tweeted that in spite of the failing system of the United States, we still spend the double amount on healthcare than any other country. In a CBS interview in the past week, he said that now we are spending double per capita on healthcare as do the people of any other country of the world. Two months ago, on CNN, he almost repeated the statement.

According to a primary source of data on spending on healthcare in wealthy countries, OECD, the United States spend nearly 11,000 dollars per person last year, Switzerland spends nearly 8,000 per person, Norway around 6,000, and Germany 5,986 per person. All these countries other than the US were substantially above half the US level. These estimates were of a year earlier.

In 2017, the situation was quite similar to that to last year’s data.