Blood pressure medication suspected to contain carcinogen chemicals as reported by the FDA

Blood pressure medication suspected to contain carcinogen chemicals as reported by the FDA

If you take medicines, it is important that you understand all the associated risks and side effects.

Due to the disclosure of cancer-causing substances in the drugs, the United States Food and Drug Administration has and still recalls Valsartan medicines. Valsartan is a common medicine for blood pressure control and heart failure reduction.

Due to impurities found in drugs, the FDA announced a reminder in July 2018 of Valsartan drug products by certain manufacturers. Tests have found that some NDMA-contaminated Valsartan and later NDEA drugs were present.

Both NDMA and NDEA have been shown to be carcinogenic by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

Further samples have been recalled since last year and the FDA is continuing to expand to more producers to include the Valsartan products.

The FDA suspects that Zhejiang Huahai Pharmaceutical Co is a Chinese manufacturer of the recalled Valsartan drug. Ltd. has changed the manner in which the medicine was made, leading to its NDMA contamination.

A few other companies have voluntarily recalled Valsartan products, such as Aurobindo Pharma USA and Torrent Pharmaceutical products.

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The FDA believes the risk is low but still advises you to switch medication when you are able, even though the precise cancer risk from contaminated pills is unknown.

Doctors should not stop your medication suddenly. Since Valsartan is utilized in the treatment of severe medical conditions, the FDA advises patients who are currently taking Valsartan medicines to continue their medicine until the medical profession prescribes an alternative medicinal product, therapy or solution.

People who take Zhejiang Huahai Pharmaceutical Co. Valsartan drugs. The LTD should inspect your pharmaceutical or physician for impurities in Mylan or any drug classified as an ARB blood pressure reducer.

Any person who has taken a recalled Valsartan drug and believes they have been harmed by its impurities should seek legal counsel with a lawyer who specializes in drug-based claims and lawsuits to pursue compensation for any damages caused by the medication.