Breast cancer prevention trial underway

Osteoporosis drug is being tested in premenopausal women to see the change if it reduces breast density. As women with dense breasts are likely to develop breast cancer than those with lower breast density. Each year 330,000 women in America are diagnosed with breast cancer and researchers are finding ways to curb the number.

The trial will include investigating the drug Denosumab which has been approved by Food and Drug Administration in 2010 for treatment of Osteoporosis for the prevention of breast cancer in these women.

For women who have not yet gone through menopause the preventive measures are not made for them. 25% of breast cancer are found in women who have undergone the menopause. The severe side effects associated are less but amoxifen increases risk of developing endometrial cancer, blood clots and stroke in women.

Women who are undergoing annual screening mammography and are cancer-free and dense breasts will be eligible to participate in this prevention trial. 210 participants are expected for the trial with the age bar of 40 years and who meet any other criteria or who has a family medical history.