Budapest-based Egis to carry out, in Eastern Europe, the dealings of Mundipharma’s Pelmeg


Mundipharma is a web of various independent firms. Functioning in about 120 nations globally, Mundipharma has taken over the act of dealing numerous biosimilars, a medical good nearly the identical of the original good but manufactured by different companies, in the European Union. Zmundipharma has reached a deal with Egis Pharmaceuticals which allows them to deal Mundipharma’s biosimilar pegfilgrastim, Pelmeg, in Romania, Latvia, Hungary, and Lithuania.

The chief executive officer and president of Mundipharma Europe, Alberto Martinez, in a statement publicizing the new partnership, stated how agreement will aid in decreasing healthcare expenditures in the locality and, at the same time, raise patient access to this vital therapy.

Initially manufactured by Cinfa Biotech and later attained by Mundipharma when it tookownership of Cinfa and its yields, Pelmeg was approved, in November of year 2018, by the European Commission after they received an encouraging recommendation, in September, from the Committee for Medicinal Products for Human Use.

In February of year 2019, Mundipharma publicized how it had succeeded in reveling Pelmeg in Netherlands, Germany, and Ireland. Later in March of the same year, Mundipharma publicized how Napp Pharmaceuticals, its partner, had revealed the biosimilar in the U.K.

Mundipharma has gained great experience in revealing biosimilars in Europe. The firm has gotten into a partnership with Celltrion, the Korea-based medicine maker, so as to commercialize Remsima (the biosimilar of infliximab, Herzuma (the biosimilar of trastuzumab), among others, in Europe