CCMB to host an Indo-US workshop on the topic of genetic diseases

CCMB to host an Indo-US workshop on the topic of genetic diseases

Centre for Cellular and Molecular Biology has brought the researchers together from both the United States and India, to work together in order to understand genetic diseases and their basis, among some other ethnic populations from other parts of the world to work for the workshop on Human Diversity and Health Disparities. This three days workshop started this Thursday.

Researchers will be deliberating on the topics of genetic and also the epigenetic basis of the various forms of diabetes, cancer, neurological and also heart diseases in USA and in South Asia during the meet-ups. There will be also be a focused and a detailed discussions on personalized medicine and their advancements in the field of technologies to make its access possible for the nations.

Dr Keshav Singh, from the University of Alabama, Birmingham and Dr Thangaraj from CCMB, who were the Co-convenors of the meeting stated that the existing data on the genetic diseases that we have at this moment, is mostly based on the European populations and for the personalized medicine for such diseases to progress, it is important to understand these population and their specific genetics.

The workshop is currently being attended by almost 200 researchers mostly from India and US, where many of them are PhD scholars from promising universities, research institutes, hospitals and the life science companies that are based in both India and in the USA.

Rakesh Mishra, CCMB director said that the Variation in population, the differential susceptibility to genetic diseases and their response to the currently applied treatment methods is known. With the genome information that we have, we can come up with a precise and a personalized approach for not just a more effective but also an economical approach to the curing of these diseases.