China’s hold on the provision of vital pharmaceuticals is a national security concern

vital pharmaceuticals

If you are one who takes daily medication high cholesterol/blood pressure, it is likely that you don’t devote a lot of time to worrying about the origin of those medications or what you would do in case your pharmacy is unable to fill your prescription. However, when talking about the origins of their prescription medications, what the people of America do not know may hurt them.
As much as 90% of the medications taken by Americans are those which are generics. However, prior to arriving at pharmacies in their accepted pill form, these medications start off as active pharmaceutical constituents. Now, China leads the drug market around the world. In spite of India being a large producer of the final drug alongside China, Indian firms obtain nearly 80% of their drug constituents from China.
While there isn’t a single record of the amount of active constituents in U.S. medications produced in China, the amount is substantial and continuously increasing. According to FDA, nearly 80% of active-constituent producers are situated outside the U.S. Moreover, for some chief medications, China is the sole provider. For example, the constituents of nearly all antibiotics and blood pressure drugs and numerous other medications are manufactured in China. Hence, China holds a virtual monopoly on the required constituents for the production of vital drugs.
It is not desirable to rely on any sole supplier for such lifesaving products, even more when the provider is China when tensions between the two countries are rising. This is now an issue of national security which needs to be addressed by the administration and Congress.
Trump’s trade skirmishes with China are not coming to an end. Moreover, tensions with China over other issues such as human rights violations in the Xinjiang province are increasing.