Collaboration between CHIME and BCS For addressing the individual development needs of BCS members

healthcare Information Technology staff.

There has been a launch of United Kingdom chapter in ‘milestone agreement’ with BCS. According to the agreement, member of BCS will be having access to the online materials of CHIME and get admission in the Healthcare CIO qualification program of CHIME which is a globally-known qualification of high-ranked leadership in health Information Technology.

Members of BCS will be also be allowed to attend networking and educational opportunities at the main events in the healthcare calendar, in the nations where CHIME already has existing chapters.

It was stated by BCS that the new agreement will be forming a part of its continuing campaign for the promotion of adoption of renowned professional standards by healthcare Information Technology staff.

The BCS’ Director of professionalism, Adam Thilthorpe stated that we completely support the ambitions of national policy for building digital headship in the NHS workforce. The members of BCS who are working in healthcare have already proved to be committed to professional development, as well as, recognition.

Their members will be making use of the materials of CHIME for addressing the individual development needs, and a lot of them will be qualifying as CHCIO and consider themselves as a part of a global force of digital health leaders.

Basically, CHIME is a professional membership organization based in the United States serving chief nursing information officers, senior healthcare Information Technology leaders, Chief digital officers, as well as other chief information officers.

The organization provides a platform for the industry leaders to collaborate, address professional development needs, as well as, exchange finest practices, with the goal being for advocating the efficient use of information management for improving the healthcare.

At present, CHIME is serving nearly 3,000 CIOs and senior healthcare members in around fifty-six countries.