Collaboration between the Migros Group and the Zur Rose

Zur Rose and Migros, through its healthcare provider Medbase Group, have decided to build on their successful cooperation. Both companies are keen to contribute to high-quality, integrated and cost-effective healthcare.

Zur Rose and Migros have decided to step up their existing cooperation. The greater collaboration mainly affects shop-in-shop pharmacies, the webshop and the development of innovative models in integrated provision. Following the successful pilot phase with the three current shop-in-shop pharmacies in Migros branches in Bern, Basel and Zurich, the companies have agreed to extend the roll-out of the concept under the Zur Rose brand through a joint venture. The intended new locations are primarily in areas where doctors do not dispense, concentrating on western Switzerland.

The partners are also combining their e-commerce resources. For this purpose they will establish a joint venture and from now on will run a shared webshop for non-prescription health and care products also under the Zur Rose brand.

Working with the health insurers, Zur Rose and Medbase further intend to develop innovative models in integrated care that enable insured members to be flexible about obtaining their medication at the pharmacy, in the doctor’s practice or by mail order. The CEO of the Medbase Group, Marcel Napierala, expressed his delight: “Our aim is to act as pioneers in developing new, high-quality care models that benefit our customers.” Walter Oberhänsli, CEO of the Zur Rose Group, added: “The extension of the strategic cooperation opens up great potential for improving the quality of patient care while simultaneously reducing the cost of healthcare.” The detailed structuring and implementation of the cooperation agreed will take place over the coming months.