Commure introduces FHIR-Native open platform for healthcare developers

San Francisco, CA-based healthcare technology company- Commure recently announced the launch of Commure Developer Platform. The latest development will allegedly allow developers to further build and develop healthcare applications.

Sources suggest the Commure Developer Platform is built on open standards and a fully FHIR®-compliant and is available today to health system in-house innovation teams and to third-party developers.

According to experts, siloed data, high security, complex compliance requirements, and closed infrastructure are potential challenges faced by software developers building healthcare technology products.

Commure provides a service platform with integrated FHIR data services and a powerful ecosystem. This allows for functioning modern apps with HIPAA compliance.

In the wake of the situation, Eugene Kuznetsov, Commure’s co-founder, and CTO said, “We believe that a big part of the problem with US healthcare today is the lack of innovation in everything outside of medicine itself, and especially the legacy software that runs America’s hospitals. Healthcare needs better software at its very core, starting with better software for doctors and eventually for everyone involved. The backbone of innovation in today’s world is digital and virtual: the twin forces that have transformed many sectors of our society, not always for the better, but always decisively.”

Commure is applied in major health systems. This further enhances real-time production environment to release virtual and in-hospital applications.