Coronavirus spreads to new cities

Coronavirus spreads to new cities

Chinese authorities replied on Monday, as the number of patients tripled and a third individual died, that a new coronavirus outbreak in China spread to several cities, raising concerns about the virus confinement.

The Daxing Health Board said two cases of coronavirus were confirmed in the capital of Beijing, while a case was confirmed in Shenzhen by the Southern Guangdong health board.It is the first case that the virus has emerged in China outside the central town of Wuhan.

The Municipal Health Commission of Wuhan announced that over the weekend 136 new cases were reported of coronavirus-related pneumonia in the city and 62 already known cases were identified.The authority said in a statement that Saturday was the third death.

It contributes to more than 200 outbreaks worldwide,demonstrating the difficulty that health authorities are trying to contain the outbreak.

During the lunar new year holidays which begin later this week,hundreds of millions of Chinese tourists will be traveling domestically and abroad.

An approximate 1,723 cases of related symptoms occur by Jan 12 in Wuhan City were recorded by the MRC Center for Global Infectious Disease Analysis at London Imperial College. The report was not commented on directly by the Chinese health authorities.

Containment efforts Containment agencies around the world have intensified screening for Wuhan travelers, including in the United States and many Asian countries. In Thailand and Japan outside China, two cases have been reported, all with people from Wuhan or visiting the city recently.

The virus belongs to the same coronavirus family as SARS, which killed almost 800 people worldwide in a 2002/03 outbreak that also started in China.The virus is also known for its high quality.

His symptoms include fever and breathing trouble,which are similar to many other respiratory diseases and cause tribal problems.