The global vaccination has been successful in eradicating smallpox out of the world. So, The world is rid of smallpox eventually. In a similar way, Polio is also on the verge of extinction, and we guess it is not going to bother us anymore. With a new vaccine against typhoid made by an Indian vaccine manufacturer, Bharat Biotech of Hyderabad is accepted and approved by the WHO.  Typhoid, too, may soon be a thing of the past.

According to the journal, Nature Medicine, the vaccine is considered as one of the “Treatments that made headlines in 2018.” The journal writes: And it is here that we read with pride that “The WHO has approved a vaccine against typhoid fever, called Typbar TCV, abbreviated for typhoid conjugate vaccine. This vaccine Typbar TCV, whose creation and the trial was first published by Bharat Biotech in. This vaccine was demonstrated in a unique human challenge model by an Oxford University group and found to be superior to other competitive vaccines (made by e.g., Sanofi Pasteur, France), which is a matter of pride for our Indian Researchers.

Based on this, the vaccine has been cleared for introduction in the NIP (National Immunization Programmes) in Africa and Asia. The advancements in biotechnology can be clearly seen to be progressing day by day as the diseases are getting totally eradicated, kudos to the high-end technology available to us as a blessing. We could not have achieved a permanent solution if we were not faced with such challenges.