Digital Orthopedic Technology: Doctors perform first of its kind Live Knee Surgery with KNE3WIZ technology

The first of its kind live knee surgery using the patented KNE3WIZ technology was performed today in the Indian city of Ahmedabad at the Digital Orthopedic Technology workshop (DOT 2020).

The operation was performed by an acclaimed orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Manish Shah. The workshop was reportedly conducted by SEA (Surgeon Education Academy) and focused mainly on evolution of Knee Arthroplasty.

Over 150 orthopedic and joint replacement surgeons from the country saw the live surgery performed by Dr Shah and his team by using the ingenious Kne3Wiz tool.

The latest event- DOT2020 marked India’s first hands-on-workshop with personalized training for bone registration with digital devices. The workshop also included personal workstations for delegates, providing them firsthand training on 3D planning for efficient knee replacements in addition to covering the basic tenets of Total Knee Replacement (TKR). Furthermore, the participants also gained insights into planning and procuring 3D printed solutions for TKR.

Kne3Wiz is promoted as a fully surgeon dependent system. Once the CT scan is loaded, surgeons are able to register anatomical landmarks, and can align the prosthetic knee. They can further also choose the implant design and are able to finalize its position. By using the Kne3wiz jig, the surgeon can recreate operative procedures with added precision, thus saving money and time.

While explaining the latest technology, Dr Manish Shah said, “The KNE3WIZ technology is a highly accurate Total Knee Replacement (TKR) surgery process that builds on all the previous existing technologies to create an augmented system that assesses each use case individually and offers unparalleled precision solution. The product overcomes all the problems faced by conventional and modern TKR surgeries like Patient Specific Instrumentation Surgery, Robotic Surgery as well as Computer Assisted Surgery while saving a significant amount of time as well as money.”