Dismissal motion of defense attorneys rejected by the Opioid trial judge

opioid case

It was ruled by the judge who is overseeing the opioid case of the state against Johnson & Johnson that the trial will go forward on Monday.

The judge was asked by the drug-manufacturer to end the trial ‘here & now’ and rule in the favor of the drug-maker.

The District Judge ‘Thad Balkan’ denied the defense request after listening to the legal arguments on Monday morning.

The judge stated that he had determined there is plenty of evidence of the state’s irritant claim for the trial to proceed.

The request was filed on the Wednesday Morning by the defense attorneys after the final witness of the state, a former drug sales representative, testified. Often such motions are rejected with the little discussion if made at the midpoint of civil trials.

At the trial, the state of Oklahoma is asking the judge to hold Johnson & Johnson along with its subsidiaries accountable for an opioid epidemic which has taken lives of around 7,000 Oklahomans. The state is insisting the judge to order the drug-maker to pay more than $17.5Bn to abate a public nuisance.

On the contrary, Johnson & Johnson opposes by saying it actually was an afterthought in a case built for much of the last two years against Purdue Pharma and its top product ‘OxyContin.’ The state settled with generic drugmaker ‘Teva Pharmaceuticals’ for $85M & with Purdue Pharma before trial for $270M.

The defense attorneys told the judge that has compromised with the drug manufacturers which actually fueled the crisis, the State & its likely counsel turned, training their sights on a defendant they believe can satisfy an astronomical judgment.

In a response on Sunday, the state told the judge that the defense attorney had not raised anything new in the legal filing of last week, nothing that has already not being rejected by the court.