Docetaxel Added in chemotherapy Gives Better Response For Prostate Cancer

Cancer has always been and will always be the hardest and most effective disease that has affected mass numbers of humans. Researchers are in constant race trying to find different cures, prevention techniques and avoidance strategy to reduce the disease presence in our world.

Chemotherapy has always been one of the solutions for certain types of cancer, especially prostate cancer. Chemotherapy is not always effective and it definitely not the best solution out there due to its negative effects on the human body.

A study conducted by a team of scientists form the American Cancer Society, led by Seth A. Rosentha, working in Sutter Medical Group and Sutter Cancer Centers, Sacramento, California, showed that the addition of docetaxel to chemotherapy makes it more effective.

Docetaxel is a cytotoxic drug, which has improved the overall response of prostatic cancer patients.  It has showed less pain and loss to men with castration-sensitive or resistant prostate which is an issue for chemotherapy.

The experiment included comparing results for both men who used Docetaxel in their chemotherapy and others who didn’t. The results showed an improvement in OS, Diseases free survival and rates of distant metastasis.

The study together with the results are published in the Journal of Clinical Oncology. Dr. Seth commented on the study saying, “The addition of cytotoxic chemotherapy to androgen suppression and radiotherapy improved overall survival from 89% to 93% at 4 years following randomization. There was also improvement in disease-free survival and reduced rates of distant metastases.”