Drones are in the highlights especially at the Syracuse’s Rock

Drone technology

Drone technology is about the unmanned aircraft, but it’s also about developing the software that allows the machine to make jobs safer and more productive.

Syracuse has invested $9 million dollars in the past 3 years in 17 technology startups in Central New York, aimed at creating a technology hub.

A big part of that is the Genius NY competition, which offers substantial cash prizes to the winners, if the locate here.

John Parry runs the Genius program out of Syracuse’s Tech Garden, a business incubator that’s part of CenterStateCEO.

The last winners in the Genius competition were from Switzerland and Italy, and Parry tells us that more companies from around the world are interested in taking advantage of the technology hub that’s growing here.

The Nuair test facility at the old Griffiss Airbase in Rome is a major draw, but Parry says Syracuse’s amenities without big-city drawbacks, including a lower cost of living, also help. And the area has a great hiring pool, thanks to many colleges and universities in the area.

Drones are the centerpiece of Tuesday evening’s Rock the Block, on South Warren Street outside the Syracuse Marriott Downtown.

Between 5 and 8pm on August 6th, there will be food trucks and music, but also high tech displays and information. The party site is also not far from the Tech Garden (235 Harrison Street), which will also be open to visitors.