ETH Zurich Forging Strong Connections with Singapore

ETH Zurich

The Swiss Federal Institute of Technology at Zurich, also known as the ETH Zurich has the best performance in a ranking of the global universities. The university has over twenty Nobel Prize laureates as their alumni, including the very well-known Albert Einstein.

This Swiss institute has established the Singapore-ETH Centre (SEC) in the year 2010. They set up the centre at the invitation of the National Research Foundation of Singapore for becoming a part of its international research campus and also the innovation hub, Campus for Research Excellence and Technological Enterprise (CREATE).

The president of ETH Zurich, Mr. Joel Mesot said that he saw three major reasons behind the continued success of this institute.

First and foremost is having outstanding students and faculty. Students at the ETH Zurich have a lot to achieve with their strong willingness for perseverance. Their students develop skills for critical thinking that are based on the fundamentals of physics and mathematics that serve them way beyond their degrees.

Second is the intellectual freedom as well as autonomy. High-quality research is only achievable in an environment that has free competition of ideas and also solutions that are unhindered by any external control or pressure, and are counterproductive. Research breakthroughs mostly occur at the limitations of the disciplines, where they are least expected.

The 3rd prerequisite is very strong support and also secured funding. For over a hundred and sixty years, the parliament of Switzerland, their government and also their society have been making sure that ETH Zurich is able to concentrate on research and teaching of the highest quality and further on the transferring of knowledge to their society.