Experts of Healthcare are considering new approaches for the assessment of the value of medical procedures and devices

Practice for Value-Based Pricing

An announcement was made today by the professional society for health economics & outcomes research about the publication of a supplement “Novel Approaches to Value Assessment. There are six articles in this supplement. In June of 2019, this supplement was published.

In his opening editorial, Chief Science Officer of ISPOR, Doctor Richard J. Willke, defines the continuing challenges of value assessment, provides a brief background of the Society’s current initiatives on value assessment frameworks, and concisely summarizes the presentations that inform the articles:

Current Policy and Practice for Value-Based Pricing. Speaker: Mark B. McClellan, MD, Doctor (Mediator: Doctor Federico Augustovski, MD, MSc)

Current Value Frameworks—What is New? Panelists: Richard H. Chapman, MS, Doctor, Joshua J. Seidman, MHS, Doctor, Lowell E. Schnipper, MD, Patrick P. Gleason, PharmD (Mediator: Richard J. Willke, Doctor)

New Methods for assessment of Value within the Cost-Effectiveness Framework. Panelists: Doctor Jeroen P. Jansen, Doctor Nancy J. Devlin, Susan Griffin (Mediator: Doctor Louis P. Garrison Jr)

New Methods for assessment of Value afar from the Cost-Effectiveness Framework. Panelists: Doctor Robert W. Dubois, MD, Doctor F. Reed Johnson, J. Jaime Caro, MDCM, Doctor Charles E. Phelps (Mediator: Doctor Shelby D. Reed, RPh)

Specific Value Assessment Considerations. Panelists: Adrian Towse, MA, Liz Spurgin, MBA, Doctor Patricia M. Danzon(Mediator: Doctor Sachin Kamal-Bahl)

Applied Following Steps in Improving Value Measurement and Usage. Panelists: Doctor Sachin Kamal-Bahl, Patrick P. Gleason, PharmD, Suzanne Schrandt, JD, Newell McElwee, PharmD, MSPH (Mediator: Doctor Daniel A. Ollendorf)

The ISPOR Meeting, “Novel methods to Value Assessment: Towards More Informed Pricing in Healthcare,” was convened to expand on the work of ISPOR’s Special Task Force on US Value Assessment Frameworks and its research agenda, as well as work from other related initiatives.