Fainting Can Be Reduced Using Tilt Training

It is inevitable that training is a strong suite that has a lot of positive effects on or health. However, one specific study focused on understand the positive effects that tilt training has on our health; given how unique this type of training is.

The results showed that tilt training might actually be the leading cause behind preventing fainting. The study was discussed in the EHRA 2019, a European Society of Cardiology (ESC) congress.1. The training has showed positive results in improving the quality of life, lowering stress and help peoples’ mental state. The study was led by a doctor in Hospital Santa Marta, Lisbon, Portugal, called Sergio Laranjo.

He commented in the conference saying, “Our study included teachers who fainted in the classroom and had to quit work. None of the conventional treatments had helped, but after tilt training they stopped fainting and were able to resume their jobs.”

The study believes that the main cause of fainting in humans is Syncope which affects almost half the population. However, tilt training has shown signs in the body that prevents or reduces the effects of Syncope; assessing the human’s balance.

The study is moving further on creating a custom Tilt program that will be effective as possible. It will target a better lifestyle and quality of life to the participants and will definitely prevent fainting.

“Patients were able to lead full, normal lives after the tilt training program. Most participants were of working age – the average age was 46 – and could return to work,” said Dr. Sergio.