Five solutions to boost Universal Health Coverage revealed by Frost and Sullivan

This year’s theme for the World Health Day is ‘Universal Health Coverage – Everyone,      Everywhere—#HealthforAll.’ A vital aspect of this theme is the role of technology & in particular patient monitoring (PM).There has been a lot of evolvement in the patient monitoring; creating a surge in the amount of unorganized data available to the availability of clinicians for the decision making, form the ad havoc to the monitoring of multiple parameters continuously.

Global Director of Advanced medical technologies, Sowmya Rajagopalan said: “As mHealth rapidly gains traction, wearables, telehealth, social media, and patient engagement are expected to find adoption among more than half of the population in developed economies by 2025. The patient monitoring market is expected to be worth more than $350 billion by 2025, as the focus is likely to move beyond device sales to solutions.”

The recent analysis by Frost and Sullivan, Patient Monitoring Industry- Analysis of Investments and Trends 2018 provides an overview of the investment trends at present. Rajagopalan stated: “In the future, patient monitoring data will be combined with concurrent streams from numerous other sensors, as almost every life function will be monitored and its data captured and stored. The data explosion can be harnessed and employed through technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), machine learning, etc., to deliver targeted outcome-based therapies.”

Apart from these technologies, developers of patient monitoring solution will consider incorporating disruptive technologies like:

  • Wearables, biosensors or embedded
  • Smart Fabrics or Advanced Materials
  • Smart implants or Smart Prosthetics
  • Brain-Computer Interface
  • Digital medicine or Nano-Robotics

These innovations and technologies have concentrated on providing actual time quantifiable value to the healthcare institutions and to the patient. Coming innovations will be directed at availability & mass personalization.