For the eleventh year running Swiss Stock Exchange, Roche ranked one of the most sustainable healthcare businesses in the Dow Jones Sustainability Indices: RO

Swiss Stock Exchange,

Once again, Roche was recognized as one of the most sustainable businesses in the Dow Jones Sustainability Indices (DJSI) Pharmaceuticals Index. This is based on a thorough assessment of the results of the economy, society, and the environment. The DJSI index family serves as a benchmark for investors who incorporate sustainability into their portfolios.

For Roche, ensuring medications and diagnostics reach the individuals who need them is a concern. The company is therefore committed to identifying and eliminating constant barriers to access to healthcare. For example, Roche undertook a supply chain evaluation to develop new lean supply chain models in Ethiopia, Kenya, Nigeria, Côte d’Ivoire, Sudan, Ghana. This included eliminating complexity, enhancing quality and providing government and care facilities directly in the nations. In the case of Kenya, the reorganization of the supply chain considerably decreased lead time from Switzerland to local stores from 90 to 21 days.

Sustainability at Roche

Sustainability has been an essential component of the company of Roche for over 120 years. Roche follows a holistic approach to sustainability management: about enhancing access to products, the company’s strategy also focuses on ongoing advancement in fields such as social responsibility, environmental protection, sustainability in the supply chain, attraction and retention of individuals.

By enhancing healthcare provision, Roche makes its greatest contribution to society. This is done by developing the best diagnostic tests and medicines that can meet some of the most pressing medical needs in the world.

Roche knows this can’t be accomplished on its own. The business understands that the key to sustainable value creation and development is to partner with stakeholders and engage in open, positive dialogue. Through its drugs and technology, Roche not only produces value for society, but also achieves sustainable economic growth for itself.