Former Governor ‘Hickenlooper’ Criticizes Socialism, Gets Jeered

The Ex-Governor of Colorado ‘John Hickenlooper’ who apparently is running the post of presidency because of complete boredom, said something so strikingly obvious that it didn’t really amaze the crowd of Democrats of California.

Former Governor thought that if found a way which would make him stand out amongst a crowd gathering of Democrats he said something which he got disapproval. He stated the ’denouncement of socialism’.

He passed the following statement: “If we are interested in beating Donald Trump and want to achieve high progressive goals then socialism is not a suitable answer.” He said this on a Saturday afternoon on the annual convention of the state’s party. As the mocking got louder, He added: “You know unless we are careful, we might end up electing again the worst president in the history of America.”

The presidential campaign of the prior president had seen the remarks before he got to speak. The Coloradan who was a brewer as well as a geologist before getting an entry into the politics has repetitively made an argument that the Democrats should embrace as well as reform capitalism.

In a personal page devoted to his comments for the Wall Street Journal of May, he wrote that he was running the presidency in order to save the only economic system which can provide support to the strong middle class.

When asked in an interview, Hickenlooper stated that he had spoken “inartfully” and that he did not intend to single out any his rivals, although Sen. Bernie Sanders is the only distinctive ‘democratic socialist’ who is after the White House.

He further passed the statement: “We have got to evidently show the rejection of socialism. We have got to do this because the Republicans will make an effort to make us into the socialists which we clearly are not. If we are not enthusiastic to draw a bright line & say that we are not socialists then there is quite a possibility that we could re-elect this president.”