Genomic-based precision medicines carving the medical path to Improve outcomes for Patients and Society

Genomic-based precision medicines

The primary goal and objective of precision medicine is identifying the best and most appropriate therapy at the necessary and right time for each and every patient. Ever since the Human Genome Project released the first picture of the complete sequence of the genome of humans in the year 2003, understanding of the genome along with its therapeutic promise has exploded. Scientists today understand far better how genes influence some diseases to progress and this knowledge can then be utilized in developing further targeted therapies that will make the lives of patients far easier.

Utilizing genetics to look for the appropriate treatment has given birth to a completely new way of fighting diseases and although to date, huge progress has been done, the health care based on genomics is still said to be in its initial stages. The University Hospital i.e. Inselspital and the University of Bern are together poised for driving the way to the next leading edge of clinical care, and therefore, dramatically improving the outcomes of medicine for both the patients and society.

Following the initiative of Canton that was taken in January 2019, the Bern Center for Precision Medicine (BCPM) was established as a stage for the researchers that were active in the Precision Medicine field from both the Inselspital and the University of Bern. Professor Mark A Rubin leads this center. He has expertise in the field of prostate cancer genomics and is also a pioneer in the oncology of precision. Professor Rubin further established at Weill Cornell, the Englander Institute for Precision Medicine and he will now be bringing this American experience to Bern with him.