Government desire outcomes as the heavily invested Northern Uganda projects begin.

Government desire outcomes as the heavily invested Northern Uganda projects begin.

9 companies have been vacant to begin work on expansion projects in northern Uganda costing around €26.9 million (sh110b), under the Development Initiative for Northern Uganda (DINU).

The companies will work on the tasks with the main focus on snowballing yields of various eatables, increasing market prospects for agriculturalists, and bettering the diet for mothers and the child.

The companies which signed agreements with the government are as follows:

  1. Care Denmark and Centre for Health, Human Rights and Development
  2. Lutheran World Foundation, National Agricultural Research Organisation
  3. ADOL Healthcare Initiative, Diakonia-Sweden, Konrad Adenauer Stiftung
  4. Caritas Switzerland, International Institute of Tropical Agriculture

The Development Initiative for Northern Uganda is a government program backed by the European Union meant to advance the living standards of individuals in domains of Lango, Acholi, Teso, Karamoja, and West Nile.

Talking at agreement finagling meeting in Kampala currently, Nadia Cannata, a talk person from the EU delegation in Uganda allotted tasks to the companies to include regional leaders in the plans.

The EU will work along the government to make sure that this leading program carries anticipated advantages to the inhabitants in the targeted regions, she mentioned.

The senior secretary at the Prime Minister`s office, Christine Guwatudde,  who conducted the conference, stated; one of the prime interests for the office of Prime Minister is that you reinforce your application tactics and deliverables to shun waste of assets on actions that would not result into alterations in the lives of the target audience and recipients.

The Development Initiative for Northern Uganda program is among the numerous actions taken for Northern Uganda, an area once back warded due to the consequences of a war against the Lord’s Resistance Army protestors. The recipient companies are expected to get funding in 2 forms.