Grant of Patent to Immutep by the European Patent Officer for Eftilagimod Alpha in Cancer

Grant of Patent to Immutep by the European Patent Officer for Eftilagimod Alpha in Cancer

A biotech firm which devoted to the development of ground-breaking immunotherapy treatments for autoimmune diseases and cancer, Immutep Ltd, made a pleasant announcement today regarding the grant of a new patent which is entitled as the ‘LAG-3 dosage regime for use in the treatment of cancer’ with the number 2601962. The patent was granted by the European Patent Office.

These patents were filed as part of a divisional application and followed the grant of the European parent patent, as well as, two other European divisional patents from the identical family, an announcement was made previously to the market.

The filing of the divisional application is a second step which is done by either the original application known as the parent applications or a divisional application filed earlier. This allows the applicant to file cascading applications which means they can file multiple applications in the same family, where each application should be claiming of a different scope and at the same time should be preserving the filing date of the original application for individual divisional application.

This novel patent gives provision of further intellectual property protection for a method of the treatment of cancer by the Immutep’s administration of a plurality of doses of a recombinant LAG-3 protein, or a derivative thereof, which is used for the generation of a monocyte mediated immune response. Notably, the patent which gets granted claims the support of the application of a derivative of LAG-3, eftilagimod alpha, in ongoing clinical trials of Immutep inclusive of INSIGHT-004, TACTI-Mel, AIPAC, and TACTIC-002. The expiry date of the patent will be 3rd October 2028.

Immutep is amongst the biotech firms which are listed on the Australian Securities Exchange (IMM), as well as, on the NASDAQ in the US.