HANF FARM in Germany is relocated to organic lands


Leading European agri-business and food producer HANF FARM GmbH has relocated its headquarters and is now operating out of a 25,000 sq. m complex  near the village of Melz in the state of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern in northeast Germany. The company was previously headquartered in Berlin.

We now find ourselves in a situation in which demand, production capacity and acreage are all positively dependent on each other, CEO Rafael Dulon said of the move. We’re much better set up now to play our part in the broader sustainable regional economy, Dulon said of the company’s philosophy.

Dulon said the area around Melz has a high concentration of biologically certified organic agricultural land. He also said that many of these areas have a long history in organic farming and are therefore particularly suitable for hemp cultivation.

The relocation gives HANF FARM 3,000 square meters of production halls at the highest technical and hygienic levels, and provides better production and storage conditions, Dulon said. More importantly, the overall complex offers plenty of space for production in on-site greenhouses, he noted.

We put a lot of energy into the development of gentle harvesting methods and the treatment of the raw materials during and after drying, said Dulon, whose company developed the MC HC 3400, a combine that can harvest short and long varieties of hemp, taking the tops, blossoms and seeds without damaging the plants as the machine moves through the field. HANF FARM harvests hemp with its own machines and processes them immediately after harvesting with either stationary or continuous process technology. The raw materials are then further processed in separate production halls that turn out seeds, leaves, flowers and straw.

Dulon said that for increasing added value on their site, they will be installing various extraction technologies in future.