Healthcare by the French Riviera

Healthcare by the French Riviera

France, on February 13, declared new healthcare reforms for the 2022 law. New rules on training, hospital locations and video health consultations are some of the key proposals put forward by the French Health Minister- Agnès Buzyn. The reform named Ma Santé 2022 came after President Emmanuel Macron announced the plans to be put forward in September 2018.

One major update of the law is set to update the complete Hospital Map of France. Under the new law, around 500 to 600 clinics will be renamed as “local/nearby hospitals” and will compulsorily specialize in general medicine alongside with care of elderly people. This would effectively mean that the public will have access to better general care and will be closer to their homes. But it also means there will be fewer organizations where specialized surgery and maternity centers will be available.

The new law also puts in place plans for development of a healthcare database where anonymous data shall be stored for collection and availability of national healthcare data. Using this data, researchers will be able to address local problems easier and to provide solutions for the same.

Furthermore, President Macron had announced in September of 2018 that the French Government will have a system in place for providing healthcare over the phone, aptly named “télémédecine”

The limit on the number of places available for second-year medical, dentistry, pharmacy and midwifery students will be removed from September 2020, to allow more people to continue their studies. Although the French Health Minister did not declare how this will be possible, she has indicated that it is still possible. The new law also has scrapped the importance of National Ranking of Third-year students. The main reason for this was that Second-year students mainly studied for the National Rankings and this could affect other clinical abilities of students.