Hip Precautions Are No Longer Needed

At old age many different hardships are faced in the human body due to weakening of the organs and the systems. One of the most common systems affected by old age is the skeletal system. As bones become weaker they are more viable to break. Which leads us to one of the most common injuries to old people which is the hip break.

This injury is off severe pain and causes a lot of problems to the body. The hip is the midpoint to your body which holds your upper body to the lower section. This leads to immobility and might lead to other extreme measures.

The solution to the problem is the common hip replacement surgery which is easy to achieve and holds off as strong. However, a new study was conducted which advised people who went through hip replacement patients to skip hip precautions after the surgery. The study was carried out in the Hospital for Special Surgery (HSS), in New York City, which suggested that hip precautions does not affect the rates of hip dislocation.

The main researcher in the study and orthopedic surgeon specializing in hip and knee replacement at HSS, “The majority of patients we see are low risk; 90% of patients probably qualify for minimized precautions.”

This study can help people save money and time on precautions which might actually not be needed. The samples taken for the study has shown that the risk is constant for both who conducted the precautions and who did not.