How transformation is occurring across the Indian Dairy Industry driven by technology

Indian dairy industry,

In the last few years, there has been an enormous boost in the Indian dairy industry, which has been driven by the technology-driven services, products, as well as, solutions. The credit for the transformation goes to the dairy and agricultural setups.

In India, a couple of technologies are already in practice, even though the pace of adoption is very slow. Numerous technologies are yet to tap into the industry. Regardless of this, undoubtedly, technology is playing a vital role in bringing revolution in the Indian dairy industry. Let’s take a glimpse into the up-to-date dairy technologies:

Farmers have the need to keep a constant check on the livestock; whether they move out of the farm in the search of food. The chances of cattle getting lost are high. They can also be stolen or attacked by the other wild animals out there. Hence, the invention of the Cattle Monitoring Drones is of utmost use to the farmers. They can easily keep track of their cattle, as well as, herd them back to the fields. Thermal sensing technology is installed in some of the drones which are very helpful in tracking the cattle from the heat generated by their bodies. Drones have also the capability of capturing the images of the pasture areas, and then transmit the information as to whether or whether not the area is suitable to be grazed by the cattle.

A lot of firms such as Sagar Defence Engineering, TRITHI Robotics, DJI Enterprise, Dronitech, and Sunbirds have successfully gained reputation by developing drones for numerous purposes inclusive of livestock and agriculture management.

There is a reduction in longevity, productivity, as well as, reproduction of cattle in case they suffer from health disorders. Huge amounts of money are invested by farmers every year to maintain the health and wellness of their cattle. Hence the health tracking devices are super helpful for monitoring and managing the health, behavior, nutrition, and other activities of the cattle.