In 2019, which Swiss companies made headlines?

In 2019, which Swiss companies made headlines..

The next introduces the heroic tale round the Swiss accountable Business Initiative external link conjointly came to a dramatic, albeit anticlimactic shut for the year. The Senate voted against a legal liability clause within the proposal, causing the talk back to the House of Representatives next year.

And we still have 2 weeks left in 2019.

Here may be a recap of our Top Five multinationals stories in 2019:

  1. Piece of cloth inaugurates picket headquarters– Fans of creator Shigeru Ban helped create this story one in every of the most-read, particularly in Japanese, however, the transformation within the ancient watch business provided a gentle stream of headlines in 2019. We tend to check out the start-up scene, the increase and fall of Milus, and also the influence of Hong Kong pro-democracy protests.
  2. Nestlé criticized over migrant vegetable oil employees in Malaya – we tend to lined varied developments within the vegetable oil industry: among others, scandals, satellites, and with 2020 simply around the corner, why Nestlé won’t be able to deliver the goods its zero-deforestation pledge.
  3. Roche takes on the technical school sector – The technical school race is heating up within the pharmaceutical business with several older, established firms like Roche and Novartis swing on a recent face to draw in talent in an age wherever real-world information and medical aid have become additional vital for future breakthrough treatment. Earlier within the year, we tend to check out the revolution in personal drugs and also the proliferation of AI start-ups in Suisse.
  4. Chinese companies steal sensitive information from Swiss-based competitor– Switzerland has found itself within the middle of a tug of war between China and also the U. S. each of that is major commerce partners. Many headlines questioned Switzerland’s friendly ties with China as well as Huawei and cybersecurity also because of the largescale detention of the Uighur Muslim minority.
  5. Vitol overtakes Glencore as the biggest company in Switzerland– Commodity traders screw-topped the ranks of the most important firms in Switzerland by turnover. However, with size comes responsibility as Geneva-based commerce company Gunvor learned once land professional general ordered it to pay a humongous CHF94 million over felony allegations incontinent. The scrutiny continues with additional investigations afoot associated with traders’ ties to the automotive Wash scandal in Brazil, one thing Portuguese readers are following closely.