In advance of the February 3 state caucus Iowa’s biggest newspaper recently endorsed Elizabeth Warren

In advance of the February 3 state caucus Iowa's biggest newspaper recently endorsed Elizabeth Warren

The Iowa-wide and most powerful newspaper, The Des Moines Register announced its support of the state caucus on February 3. Elizabeth Warren.

The Register said that its five individual editorial board interviewed 9 current Democratic candidates to obtain caucus approval. The “excellent caliber” in the Democratic field was written that one decision could hardly be made as to who should approve and that many other candidates emphasized the positive qualities.

For Warren, the paper dismissed the implication of Warren’s criticism that his policies were now too “extreme” to America, noting that she was a registered Republican until the 1990s.

The Register promoted many of its bold proposals to bring about structural change in the US economy, including universal health care and childcare and reduced power among large companies. They’re right. They’re right. We will boost living in America, and the other Democratic candidates will usually share them.

We said that while Warren is « hard and afraid », in pursuing her agenda, she would certainly face barriers. The board wrote, “She has to prove that her dream lifts people rather than divides them to gain the support she wants.”

Historically, in spite of having a mere 1 percent of the total dedicated delegates distributed throughout the primary democracy cycles, Iowa has played a significant role in the key as the state is going first.

The editorial board previously stressed that its main objective was to “illuminating” and not to “dictating to the Iowans how to vote” or “to predict the outcome,” the candidates ‘ strengths and weaknesses.

It was not a historically correct indicator of the winner of the Iowa caucus or Democratic candidate to join the list. On Sunday, as Ryan Lizza pointed out, only one of the last six Democratic candidates endorsed by the Register’s editorial board from 1988 to 2016 won caucuses.

For weeks, the top four contenders, Vice President Joe Biden, Sanders, Sen. Elizabeth Warren, and former Mayor Pete Buttigieg, have been polling for Real Clear Politics and FiveThirtyEight, closely uniting without a clear leader in the caucuses.

Second choices by caucusgoers are especially important because each district has not one but two preferential round rounds in Iowa caucuses and alignments in order to determine which candidates break the 15% viability threshold to obtain delegates from the same district.

Some candidates, such as President Barack Obama in 2008, are either actually victorious in or considered to be the Iowa winner. Nonetheless, in view of the small slice of Iowa delegates, it is not a must-win state to secure the candidacy.

It especially applies to candidates such as Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders, who already have substantial support for delegate-rich parts of the country that vote in the main process later on, such as the south.

The results of the Iowa caucuses will likely be more important for candidates like Warren, Buttigieg, and Amy Klobuchar who go to Iowa to build on their campaigns and rely on strong state performance.

The second major newspaper node Warren was approved last week by the Des Moines Register. She and Sen. Amy Klobuchar were co-supported last week by the New York Times editorial board.