Incredible clinical study results of ZolpiMistTM supporting its use in the short-term treatment of insomnia

ZolpiMistTM supporting

An announcement has been made by an oro-mucosal drug delivery firm, SUDA Pharmaceuticals Ltd regarding its update on the clinical study results of ZolpiMistTM clinical study results. The resukts gave a demonstration that ZolpiMistTM, which is the lingual spray version of the firm’s insomnia drug Ambien, delivers sleep onset more quickly than Zolpidem’s tablet form based on pharmacokinetics parameters and efficacy. The news is very welcoming for the patients who are in the search for any short-term treatment of insomnia.
Aytu BioScience, Inc., which is the market authorization holder of SUDA for ZolpiMistTM in the United States of America, gave a notification about the publication of the clinical study results of ZolpiMistTM in the Journal of Pharmacology and Pharmacy. Headquarters of Aytu are based in the United States. The pharmaceutical firm has a focus on the commercialization of innovative products, addressing the medical needs of patients which are unmet currently. The firm holds exclusive the US and Canadian rights to ZolpiMistTM.
The Chief Executive Officer of Aytu, Josh Disbrow stated that the ZolpiMistTM oral spray is expected to present patients with a simpler, as well as, more convenient way for achieving rapid sleep onset. It was also mentioned by Mr. Josh that for the first time, clinical proof has been established by this study which supports the use of ZolpiMistTM in the short-term treatment of insomnia.
Results of the clinical study defined an after the event analysis of data from the Phase 3 study of ZolpiMistTM. 43 adults inclusive of 23 females and 20 males in the study were given 5 mg and 10mg doses of the oral spray ZolpiMistTM, as well as, for the comparison the tablet formulations of zolpidem was given.
In the study this was ascertained that the zolpidem tartrate’s oral tablet formulation subjects a drug to a first-pass metabolism effect which is relatively slow when compared with ZolpiMistTM.