India launches its first medical delivery platform with drones through a Hyderabad based startup

Southern Indian state of Telangana has become the latest addition to technologically advanced medicine delivery system through drones.

The Government of Telangana has been focusing on ‘Medicine from the sky’ project together with World Economic Forum and Healthnet Global. The startup Marut has majorly worked on the latest venture and marks the beginning of India’s first medical delivery platform.

According to sources, the technologically advanced project presented a successful demonstration of medicine and blood delivery with the help of drones.

Experts reveal the Hyderabad based startup has shown great potential in delivery of healthcare services, and can be beneficial in rural areas. According to reports, Indian rural areas are especially inaccessible to treatment centers and blood banks. Majority of these difficulties are mainly faced due to poor road conditions, extreme weather conditions and low efficiency rate of the regions which prohibit the timely delivery of blood within the clinically required time frame.

“The State is looking to harness benefits of emerging technologies to improve health outcomes by cutting down on lead time for delivery of medical essentials, especially remote areas,” commented Jayesh Ranjan, IT Principal Secretary.

“The demonstration proves technological feasibility of the concept and opens up avenues for innovation in public health and emergency health services. Telangana government will offer necessary support to techno-innovators who innovate for social good,” spoke KT Rama Rao, IT and Industries Minister.

In the wake of the situation, Prem Kumar Vislawath, Marut Founder, said, that the AI-enabled delivery drone could be operated via an app and used to provide medical essentials to primary health centres. “We have demonstrated with blood, vaccines, diagnostic samples and long tail medicine.”