Is it safe for women to use marijuana during their pregnancy: Ongoing investigation

Just like the other rising number of pregnant women in the United States, when Leslie Siu started having rough tough due to migraines and morning sickness, she turned to marijuana.

She stated that finally, she was able to get out from under her work desk. She later initiated her own pot firm and her daughter, who is now 4-years old, is prospering.

Till date, no evidence has been found which could reveal that morning sickness is relieved by cannabis, and the common medicine advises against the use of cannabis in pregnancy since it might lead to premature birth, infant brain deficits, and low weight at the time of birth. However, the National Institute on Drug Abuse is pressing for more solid proof. A lot of those studies were in animals or complicated by the lifestyles and other habits of marijuana users.

With almost 200,000 dollars from her agency, scientists from the University of Washington are in the search for better answers in a novel study investigating the potential effects of marijuana on infants’ brains.

Pregnant women are being enrolled in Seattle, during their first trimester who are already in taking marijuana for relieving the morning sickness. Pot, or the use of any other drug, is prohibited by researchers. The brain scans will be done on infants at 6 months and the results will be compared with those babies whose mother, when pregnant, did not use Marijuana.

For the authorities of the university and the government, it is worthy to research which is benefitted with a thriving trend. The number of pregnant pot users in the United States has doubled as from 2002, with 7 percent reporting that they use it recently and higher rates in some states, according to a recent study.