Issues of the Forensic Science reported for identifying its needs

Repeatedly the same message was heard by a committee of the National Research Council regarding the conditions of The Forensic Science in the U.S.

A report for identifying the requirements of the Forensic Science Community stated: “The forensic science system, encompassing both research and practice, has serious problems that can only be addressed by a national commitment to overhaul the current structure that supports the forensic science community in this country.”

One of the outcomes of that report is The Center for Statistics & Applications in Forensic Evidence (CSAFE) which was developed in 2015. Director of CSAFE, Alicia Carriquiry said: “It’s rare for Significance to dedicate an issue to a specific topic. It’s great that the editors were willing to do this. It shows that the center is having an impact. The work we are doing is recognized as good work.”

6 stories about the issues of the Forensics were published in ‘Significance’. Those stories were:

o    “The need for objective measures in forensic evidence”

o    “Reliability and validity of forensic science evidence”

o    “What does a match mean? A framework for understanding forensic comparisons”

o    “Machine learning in forensic applications”

o    “‘Source’ or ‘activity’ – What is the level of the issue in a criminal trial”

o    “In Practice”

As mentioned by Kaye, Stern & Cuellar in their stories, still, there is no smoothness in scientific understanding of Forensic Evidence due to the gaps in between and even in the future prevention of errors will remain a challenge. They stated: “But there is hope for continued improvement. Studies in a wide variety of disciplines, such as firearms, fingerprints, shoe prints, and even bloodstain pattern analysis, are being carried out to better understand – and improve – the reliability and validity of forensic science evidence.”