Justin Kripps from Canada takes silver at the German Bobsled World Cup

Justin Kripps from Canada takes silver at the German Bobsled World Cup

The Canadian Justin Kripps went on to take his 5th medal on the bobsled track in Konigssee, Germany.

Saturday, on the 16-corner-box of the Bavarian Alps, the 32-year-old Olympic Champions teamed up with Cam Stones from Whitby, Ont. to earn the Silver Medal. The two-run time of a minute was 39.17 seconds for the Canadian duo.

After his fifteenth-century World Cup two-man win, Kripps said,’ This was a good one. “It was a tight race, so I was really happy to be back on the podium.” Despite bad luck at the beginning of its first run on the 1675 meter course, Kripps and Stones took their second-fastest push time to fight back for a spot on the podium.

“I was very pleased that we were fourth in the groove on the first round, and not totally out of it,” said Mr. Kripps, who is now second overall in the two-person World Cup rankings. “We are very fortunate to have a world cup fourth. “In the second run, Cam gave me a good push again. Sitting just 09 seconds out of the podium after the first session, Kripps posted at 49.61, his second-fastest time. I just want to stay in the length of the ropes and make sure I’m not thrown out again.

The Canadians climbed two German slopes in the second heat but were unable to win a time of 1:38.66, as were their colleagues, Francesco Friedrich and Thorsten Margis. Nico Walter of Germany teamed up for the bronze medal in 1h39.19 with Malte Schwenzfeier.

For the 28-year-old Stones, this was the second podium to two men in the World Cup and his fifth title was in addition to his silver at the 2019 World Championship in Kripps.

Earlier in the day, after clocking a time of 50.85, the Canadians Christine de Bruin and Kristen Bujnowski were linked to the German for the top spot.

Following 5:29 push times at the fifth place on both heats, de Bruin could not take up the time in the final heat in a close leader board where the top four seeds were separated by 15 seconds. The Canadians finished 4th at 1:41.72. The podium was set.