Launch of ILUVIEN by Alimera Sciences in Germany for preventing relapse in recurring non-Infectious Uveitis

Launch of ILUVIEN

A firm which commercializes and develops prescription ophthalmology treatments for managing retinal diseases, ALimera Sciences Inc., made an announcement today that it will be soon commencing the launch of ILUVIEN in Germany to prevent the relapse in recurring non-infectious uveitis which affects eye’s posterior segment of the. In March, after the Mutual recognition by the European Union, Germany is Europe’s second country where ILUVIEN is at the moment commercially available for the prescription to the patients who are affected by NIPU, which is a disease that does not have any options for sustained treatment. Two months back, a positive recommendation was announced by Alimera by the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence, which will be facilitating the launch of the NIPU indication in the UK.

Doctor Carsten Heinz FEBO passed a statement which said that there is an urgent requirement for novel therapeutics for non-infectious uveitis because of the limited availability of options while there is great potential for vision loss. Because of the availability of ILUVIEN, now there is a provision of a long-acting, as well as, intravitreal treatment option the patients who reduce the gap in the care needs of this long-lasting disease. ILUVIEN is highly effective and has a well-established safety profile for the continuous treatment of diabetic macular edema and now those suffering from non-infectious uveitis which affects the posterior segment can anticipate similar benefits and because of the local application, there will be no occurrence of the undesirable systemic effects of long-standing corticosteroid therapy.

After the development of national pricing, as well as, receipt of the essential regulatory approval by the Federal Institute for Medical and Devices Drugs, NIPU indication was launched. The largest direct market of Alimeria in Europe is Germany, and according to the estimations, the number of patients who got diagnosed with NIPU is nearly 15 to 20 percent of the DME patient population.