Launch of quality-tested traditional Chinese medicine compactates in the German market

Chinese medicines

In Germany on Thursday, a pharmacy funded by the public in the northeastern Hanseatic city of Stralsund commenced the selling of a quality-tested traditional Chinese medicine compactates, which are commonly known as condensed medicinal granules, making the first appearance of such traditional Chinese medicine products in the market of Germany.

In the traditional Chinese medicines, prescription of the medicinal plants is often done in the form of dried plants, which then has to be mixed by the patients and boiled at home. Today, TCM granules which are extracts of dried plants are a user-friendly alternative. However, in the past, they were banned in Europe due to controversy due to incorrect dosage information, as well as, quality concerns.

Doctor Peter Cramer, the owner of the Rats-Apotheke Stralsund pharmacy, made an introduction of the quality-tested TCM to the guests at the launching ceremony and gave a demonstration of the complete process of manufacturing the compactates which pretty much resemble the coffee capsules, by means of a computerized, as well as, automated compactate mixer machine. They can be poured into a glass of water by the patients similar to making an instant coffee.

Anhui Jiren Pharmaceutical Group of China along with a joint venture ConPhyMed Pharmaceutical customized the machine for the market of Europe where the compactates were kept in a machine which adjusts the humidity and temperature.

The chief of the HanseMerkur Center for Traditional Chinese Medicine, Doctor Scen Schroeder informed the Xinhua that the breakthrough lies in that the compactates vended in Stralsund had been given approval for all quality regulation required for the launching the products.

He stated that prior to this, there were already similar products on the market, however, there was no collection of all the safety data, therefore, they were banned in the country. This is the first time they have received official recognition compactates, like granules, and are sold in Germany.