Lucerne Cantonal Hospital to be a digital pioneer for radiology in Switzerland

digital pioneer for radiology

An academic teaching hospital and one of the largest non-university hospital in Switzerland, Lucerne Cantonal Hospital (LUKS) which is present in three prime locations of the country: Lucerne, Sursee and Wolhusen. As one of the pioneers of digital transformation in the market of Swiss healthcare, the hospital follows its very own stringent strategy for digitization.

The Institute of Radiology and Nuclear Medicine at LUKS is working on pursuing initiatives that optimize the processes of work using the assistance of technology. There are seven fully equipped radiological facilities and annually, there are 140 employees who carry out 220,000 examinations across the sites which make it the largest radiology network in Switzerland. Dr. Justus E. Roos, head of the Institute of Radiology and Nuclear Medicine at LUKS explains: “It is the first time that a specialist guides and remotely controls a coronary CT within a radiology network without having to travel between different sites. With real-time audio and video, you’re virtually on the spot. A nice side effect is the training. The staff are instructed and the execution of examinations are standardized within the network; this also makes the diagnoses more precise.” Having almost spent 10 years in working with two leading medical university hospitals in the United States, Stanford University Medical Center and Duke University Medical Center, Roos spent his time learning the use of digitization for advancements in the radiology department of LUKS.

“My job is not only to provide the best possible care for the patients, but also to ensure that my staff can keep their jobs. Both require me to prepare my institute for the future,” he adds.